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Elisar at the British Independent Film Awards

The Elisar Cabrera Discovery

This award highlights innovation, uniqueness of vision, and maverick filmmaking, rewarding debut feature films with a social impact made for a budget of under £500K and  with no, or very limited, theatrical distribution deals in place.

The Award

We are proud to announce that from 2024, The Raindance Discovery Award will be known as “The Elisar Cabrera Discovery Award.” The award aims to highlight a filmmaker whose work most exemplifies the spirit, the creativity, the passion, the originality and the integrity that Elisar, during his lifetime, gave to independent, low budget filmmakers and filmmaking.

The recipient will receive a trophy, a certificate of recognition and an invitation to screen his or her film at the Raindance Film Festival in London UK.


Elisar Cabrera, was a film producer, director, web series pioneer, video journalist, a key teacher at Raindance, and a wrestling producer.  He was a pioneer of online filmmaking, founding the Raindance Web Fest, the World’s first festival for independent digital and web series, and co-founding Digital Creators UK. He will be remembered by many young filmmakers for his encouragement and advice on all aspects of film-making.

About Elisar...

Elisar was known for....


The filmmaker must demonstrate a passion for independent film and filmmaking and be able to showcase their ability to tell a compelling story that has social impact on a limited  budget. Feature films considered for the award should be a first feature, have been made for under £500K and have no, or very limited, theatrical distribution deals in place.

The filmmaker should demonstrate an innovative approach to storytelling that sets them apart from others.


The Award will be made at  the Raindance Film Festival in 2024. Nominees will be drawn from submissions for the feature film categories of the festival. Submissions are open now with a final deadline of 5th February 2024. (Please note that this award isn't listed on the submissions page as a separate award category as the judges select nominees from general submissions)


Submissions can be made here


The Raindance Festival jury is filled with talent representing every corner of the film industry.


Details of the 2023 Jury.

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